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If you looking on the internet a KMSPico Portable Latest Version Free download So, you come to the right place now a day shares with you an amazing application KMSPico Portable is a platform used to allow the previous versions of Windows 10 & Microsoft Office 2016. Team Daz, who made a lot of achievements in the activators area, has created this method. Its team’s primary purpose is to create free software to help consumers access Windows 10 & Office free of charge. Several activators like KMSPico, Download KMSPico Portable, KMSAuto Web, Windows 7 Loader, etc. were created by Team Daz.

kmspico office 2016

If you remember, the Windows will be accessible within 30 days, so you must purchase a license key after the trial ends. You will only be allowed to use some of Windows apps if you don’t order them, such as modifying topics, personalized history, alerts, etc. If the high cost of the Win10 operating system can not be managed in this situation, you need this kind of KMS activator to enable it Online. you can also check out the KMSAuto Activator Latest Version.


KMSPico Portable Overview:

This is the KMSPico edition, which needs no download so that the program can be used on your device without downloading it. This is also for those who still believe it’s a virus to hack and manipulate their personal data. It helps users to enable their Windows immediately now without having to install it on the device. The latest version 10.2 of the KMS activator introduced its software because most customers have demanded it. The issue now is fixed as the app is published and runs 100% seamlessly. The User Interface has been revamped and many things improved from the old version.

This supports Win10 and Win 8 new updates and Office 365 is enabled by the system. It is even better to use this method when we talk about the old KMS activator. This software must be recognized so press on it with the correct button and then select as the Administrator. All will work on the background and it’ll be enabled in a couple of seconds. You need nothing to execute.

Features Of KMSPico Portable

  • User Interface

The program’s user interface is enhanced and simpler to use than ever. It is even simpler to use and run in just a few taps.

  • No Installation

This is the best option for those who think KMSPico as a Virus so they can use it as well without installing it in their machine.

  • Windows Supports

It supports almost every Windows & it’s built as well so no matter what Windows and build you are using it will activate them within a few clicks.

  • Office Support

This tool supports all the versions of Office even if older or newer. It can activate Office 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 & 365 as well.

  • Free

When you see some Internet sites that cost money then just complain about this platform, it is free and free for the entire lifetime. It is safe. This tool has been built to provide incentives for people who can not afford to purchase the product key of Windows & Office.

  • Compatibility

It is now compatible with most Antivirus programs so now you can use it even if your Antivirus is activated. Some tools may still show you as a Virus so just turn it off.

  • Computer Performance

This will increase the performance of your computer as well.

  • Lifetime Activation

You don’t need to activate the Windows & office again & again as this tool solves this issue as well. When you activate the Windows using this tool you will get the lifetime activation.

kmspico portable

Download & Use KMSPico Portable

You must be intrigued to uninstall the activator if you just enjoyed its apps. Now, let’s switch to our upgrade guide, in which I will inform you how your office & Windows can also be allowed.

  • You need to click on the download button which is located below (download link is direct) it will then ask you for the location where you want to save.
  • Choose the desktop and click on Start. You then need to wait for sometimes until the download completes.
  • When successfully downloading Windows 10 Download KMSPico Portable activator you notice it is archived in a zip file.
  • Extract the zip file (don’t worry it is compatible with Antivirus but if your Antivirus still deletes this then first disable it).
  • Now you need to right-click on the KMSPico Portable icon and then click on Run as Administrator. It will ask you for permission so just click on Yes.
  • The program will then run in backend and you will hear some voice notifications. Wait for a few seconds until you hear the voice notification “Affirmative, Program Completed”.
  • Now restart your computer and then you can simply right-click on My Computer > Properties & see the activation status. Voila, your Windows is now activated successfully and you can now enjoy all the benefits of this Windows 10 without paying a penny.

Let’s think now about the Microsoft Office activation process. For KMSPico Portable, the moves to Office 2016 are somewhat special. To do this, you have to take the steps below.

Next, open every Office software such as Word or MS Excel and don’t let it stay open. Then right-click on the KMS activator removed icon and then press on Run as Admin.

You will again hear some voices from the background and then you can just wait a few seconds for the same voice notification to be heard. Now Office is effectively activated so that you need to uninstall your device.

After reboot opens any product of Office and then click on Account. In this section, you will see the activation status and it is Activated to enjoy the MS Office in your PC as well without paying a penny.

download kmspico portable latest version


Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions you want to ask? Read this list below, which is often asked for answers to the most common questions. If you do not find an appropriate answer to your question, please ask me in the Comment I will do my best to solve your problem and answer it.

Q1) Which is better? KMSPico or KMSPico Portable?

If we talk the truth then both are the same things with the different names and functionality as well. While the KMSpico requires installation in PC and the Portable version doesn’t require any installation and works totally easily.

Q2) Is it illegal to use KMSPico Portable?

The fact is Yes because every activator that allows piracy is illegal. Even though there are many people are using this so you can also use it without facing any issue.

Q3) Can I activate Windows Server as well?

Yes, with the help of this tool you can now activate Windows Server. The versions can be activation are Windows Server 2016, 2012, 2012 R2, etc.

Q4) Can I activate Windows 10 64 bit with this?

Yes, of course, it supports both the architectures whether you are using 32 bit or the 64-bit processor. You don’t need to have software for each it works on both without any issue.


If the right Windows Operating System and Office activator were looked for? This would be a great solution for you as KMSPico Portable follows the concept of Microsoft’s key management system. It has been built in the area of software for activators by the most respected developers Team Daz.

So if you’re also looking for a permanent activator, it can be a great choice for you. This is also possible. Even if these activators are seen as malware, they can be used because there is no need for any kind of software that ensures you can use them easily. Its method has even more benefits as you use it.

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